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DYA - Dynamic Architecture

Welcome to the DYA overview site.

What is DYA

DYA is an acronym based upon Dynamic Architecture. DYA is a view on Enterprise Architecture originated in The Netherlands around 2001.

The term "DYA" itself is a registered trademark of Sogeti Netherlands B.V. The body of knowledge of DYA is a collections of academic writing and articles and books in the public domain. This site provides an overview of what is available and know in regards to DYA.

The vision of DYA is that effectiveness of Enterprise Architecture trumps tooling and frameworks anytime.

DYA Documents

What is DYA

What is the goal of DYA?

DYA aims to improve the effectiveness of enterprise architecture within organisations.

  1. DYA sees Enterprise Architecture through the lens that business and it are integrated and best should not be seperated from each other in dialogue, design and execution.
  2. DYA is based upon practical experience.
  3. DYA communicates a view and not a detailed way of working.
  4. DYA and the DYA Maturity Model haven been tested for over 20+ years within companies and by scientific research.

Origin story

DYA originated in 2001 at Sogeti Netherlands B.V. by the collaboration of the following people:

  1. Roel Wagter (ResearchGate,LinkedIn),
  2. Martin van den Berg (ResearchGate,Google Scholar,LinkedIn),
  3. Joost Luijpers (ResearchGate, LinkedIn)
  4. Marlies van Steenbergen (ResearchGate, LinkedIn).

DYA stays relevant by evolution.

After the publication of the first book in 2001, many whitepapers, articles, master thesis, and doctoral dissertations where published. In total there are over 10 books published since 2001.

In 2019 the following collective started the creation of a next step in the DYA view. This new iteration is called DYA Sensemaking Architecture. The main authors of the whitepapers, blogs are the following people:

  1. Marlies van Steenbergen (ResearchGate, LinkedIn).
  2. Ton Eusterbrock
  3. Hans Nouwens
  4. Edzo Botjes

The ambition is to proceed in collaboration with various guest writers.

DYA Documents