Topic - Human Centred

Together we will make your organisation a better place..

Creating an organisation is not a reductionistic science. Humans are no machines. Humans are the essence of creativity, innovation and happiness. Enterprise Engineering is the science of designing organisation that can evolve. It is important to accept that humans need room to create value. Creating value is that what binds people in an organisation. I try to apply Human Centred Design on an organisation so that it can be Purpose Driven. [Read More]

Topic - Organisation Resilience

An organisation needs to adapt non-stop.

Organisations need not only be to designed around a purpose, but also according a specific behaviour. I have written my master thesis in 2020 on the topic of antifragility titled: “Defining Antifragility and the application on Organisation Design a literature study in the field of antifragility, applied in the context of organisation design”. The thesis is available via Zenodo DOI The thesis was rewarded with 19 out of 20 points. [Read More]